The Partners in Buckminster have specific joint venture expertise and can contribute to the design, and negotiation, of alliances and partnerships that may include transactions in capital.

We ensure that balanced and sustainable solutions are adopted in the main areas of joint venture structuring:

  • initial terms of association (valuations, parities, etc.)
  • operating mode (governance, segmentation of decisions categories and related decision-making rules, etc.)
  • exit conditions (liquidity, client and contract ownership, non-competition, etc.)


Large corporations and family groups alike are subject to shareholders' reorganisations.  Whilst the former have the necessary expertise and capabilities to perform such reorganisations, the latter often struggle to design and implement effective capital reorganisation.

Buckminster's negotiation skills are called upon to design the solution.  We then implement the reorganisation which, in most cases, includes raising debt and/or equity.


Changes in business circumstances, or in economic conditions, may lead to the need to refinance a company.  During the Great Recession, Buckminster's expertise was instrumental in ensuring the continuation of several companies whose leveraged buy-out had been stretched to the limit.

Prior to accepting an assignment, we ensure that the situation meets a number of criteria, including the strength of the company's business fundamentals.


We raise the equity and debt that are necessary to fuel development, for some carefully chosen clients.

We do not raise seed capital, nor do we refinance distressed assets.

The CEO of a major European investment fund once jokingly described Buckminster's documentation as "microwavable", meaning that Buckminster was presenting facts in a manner that facilitated investors' work greatly.

As we know the needs of investors and lenders and as our Information Memorandums meet those needs, our fundraising projects are very effective.